The Little Daisy Bake Shop

Key Lime Pie

I bring dessert to almost every event I attend. It’s an unwritten rule that when you own a bakery you don’t show up with an appetizer. Owning a bakery also seems to discourage other people away from bringing dessert, which is a shame because I love a little variety and I love to taste my friends’ creations. My group of friends has had Little Daisy for dessert regularly over the last 5 years, and hopefully they aren’t tired of it yet. I try to shake things up a bit, so this summer I was looking for something new to add to the repertoire. I knew it had to be a break from chocolate.

So what’s my go-to dessert right now? Key Lime Pie.

My friends Jose and Terry have been pleading for Key Lime Pie for years. And as it turns out, they aren’t the only ones in love with Key Lime Pie. Out of everything I’ve brought to events, I will say that nothing -- and I mean nothing -- has gotten the reaction from my friends like Key Lime Pie. There are actual oohs and ahhs when the pies are taken from the boxes. People who don’t normally eat dessert take seconds. One friend even described it as better than sex, which was not at all well-received by his wife. At a recent dinner party, I brought an entire platter of cookies, brownies and our Daisy Dips... and a Key Lime Pie. The platter of chocolate items sat patiently, while everyone at the table devoured the Key Lime Pie in 5 minutes flat.

The Little Daisy Bake Shop
The reactions to this pie continue to be entertaining. At a recent BBQ, I took two Key Lime Pies. The first one was divvied up and passed around the table. As people savored each bite, I saw my two friends Ed and Brian conspiring to cut into the second pie because they knew that if left uncut Doug would try to box it up and take it home. So they cut two large pieces and put them on extra plates in the center of the table to make sure that the second pie stayed put right there at the table for all to share.

Now, it has become a thing among our friends, so much so that my friend Elisa asked if there was a way to make a birthday cake for her husband out of Key Lime Pie. I thought about putting actual pie as the cake filling. I also thought about hollowing out the cake and inserting a Key Lime Pie right down in the center as if to do a dessert version of a turducken. In the end I opted for cake and pie. I put the pie right smack dab on top of the cake like a king sitting on his throne.

The Little Daisy Bake Shop
I promise to post the recipe in the near future. I can’t quite yet because I’ve been challenged to a Key Lime Pie throw down by a few friends in town. I hear their Key Lime Pie might be for real, and I’d hate to give away any secrets before the competition! So you’ll have to stay tuned for both the results and the recipe.

What I can tell you is that there are surprisingly few ingredients in our Key Lime Pie. If you are making your own pie, here are a few keys (get it?):

  1. Use enough butter in your graham cracker crust to help the crust stay together.
  2. Be sure to bake the crust ahead of time, and leave it in the oven until it is perfectly golden.
  3. Avoid overcooking the pie filling. An overcooked pie will crack and get a “curdled” look to it. We bake ours for 12 minutes. The center of the pie still has a little jiggle to it, but the perimeter of the pie is firm.
  4. Some people like meringue on top, others like lots of whipped cream. We put small whipped cream rosettes around the top of the pie. It adds a little bit of sweetness, but doesn’t overpower the beautiful tartness of key limes.

We don’t have Key Lime Pie everyday at The Little Daisy, but when we do I hope you try it. You’d better be quick, though, because we have a line of people with forks in hand, ready and waiting!