The Little Daisy Bake Shop


I’ve been talking to a lot of small business owners lately and one word keeps coming up: Pivot. I can’t help but think about Ross, Rachel, and Chandler trying to get the couch up the stairs and Ross yelling Piv-ott! Piv-ott!

Some businesses are easier to pivot than others. At Little Daisy, we went from a walk-in bakery to an e-commerce one in a matter of days. That’s not a piece of cake (ha!) but we knew our customers were exclusively at home and online and that’s how we had to reach them. We thought about what people might like to eat during quarantine and the easiest way for people to order. We created an easy to navigate menu with lots of photos. We also took into consideration that many wouldn’t want to leave their house, so for the first time in eight years we added delivery service.

Customers told us that they were baking more at home, especially breads. Needed items like yeast and flours were as simple to find as hand sanitizer and Lysol, so we offered bake-at-home ingredients. With our access to suppliers it was easy for us to get flours, sugars, yeast, eggs, milk, etc. Little Daisy is all about freshness of homemade baked goods, and whether we bake it or we enable our customers to bake it, that’s who we are at our core. Adding those ingredients was a small pivot, but one that our customers really appreciated.

Our customers also wanted to do something for the first responders. Giving back to the community has always been a big part of Little Daisy, so that wasn’t a big change for us. We donated cookies and cupcakes to hospitals and gave our customers an opportunity to send cookies too. Together we also delivered 150 quarts of milk, 170 pounds of butter, 150 dozen eggs, 2 cases of toilet paper and 3 cases of oatmeal to our local food pantry.

The uncertainty of this year is frightening. It’s still very unclear what’s happening. But 2020 is the number for perfect vision so at some point things have to come into focus, right? I believe that in lots of ways this year is already helping us to see what’s important. The stay-at-home mandate brought everything to a full stop, which allowed us to take a hot minute and figure out what we want to leave behind and in which direction we want to move forward. I’ve been talking about shipping our nut-free baked goods for years, but with the rush of day to day work I just hadn’t carved out the time to work on it. After building the new web site and ramping up our online presence we actually launched a shipping section of the site. Little Daisy will now ship crumb cake anywhere nationwide!! Other menu items are soon to be added so stay tuned. That, my friend, is a big pivot.

As small businesses across the state of New Jersey begin to re-open, Little Daisy will do so with caution. Rest assured we are working hard to reopen our doors, but the safety of our team and our customers comes first. We are excited to be open for Father’s Day and Fourth of July. And we hope to make up for all the things we missed like baby showers, graduations, first communions, weddings, and end-of-year parties. Celebrating life’s milestones is important, we just have to do it in a different way this year.

Thank you to our customers who are ordering online, sending us messages, and following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We’ve missed seeing your lovely faces! And a huge thank you to The Little Daisy Team for working hard and being creative to get us this far through this crazy time. Little Daisy has grown through this in ways we didn’t think could happen. We look forward to getting back to business… maybe not business as usual, but hopefully better.

How many more pivots will it take to get us through 2020? At one point, that couch on Friends seemed completely stuck on those stairs. I can’t remember how they got it up there or if we ever actually saw it happen, but I’m sure it was a few more pivots and they were in the clear. And that’s what Little Daisy will do with this spiral stairwell of a year we’re in now. We’ll keep doing pivots big and small until we’re in the clear. And then we can wink and say, “How YOU doin?” to 2021.

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