The Little Daisy Bake Shop

Summer Classes!

School may have been out for the summer, but class was in session at The Little Daisy Bake Shop. On Mondays in August we closed down shop to host four classes:





Each Monday in August we opened the doors to students ranging in age from seven to Grandma. It felt a little bit like Charlie & The Chocolate Factory as we brought the group behind the counter and into the kitchen. After a quick tour of the cookie cutter wall, the giant mixer paddles and the big vat of chocolate chips, we washed our hands and got down to business.

Before each class the staff and I worried if we’d have enough for the class to do, but each class we seemed to run out of time. These were hands-on, everyone’s making their own kind of classes.

The cake class made cupcakes and learned different ways to frost them. They also learned to crumb coat, final coat and decorate their own 6” cake.

The cookie class picked out their own cutters and rolled and decorated two trays each.

The pie class made their own blueberry pie, key lime pie and whoopie pies.

My staff and I loved to teach these classes and give insider tips. But we weren’t the only ones doing the teaching. We learned a lot in these classes. I learned that kids can be ridiculously capable. They just need the opportunity. The kids in the pie class rolled out beautiful crusts for their blueberry pies. It was impressive enough that I thought about how we could get this group to come back at Thanksgiving and help with the hundreds of pies we do for order.

The kids in the cake decorating class created cakes worthy to sell in the bakery. One student’s tie-dye trim was perfectly formed around the top of the cake.

The cookie decorating class was very appreciative of the effort and skill The Little Daisy team puts in to our sugar cookie favors. It looks so easy and yet it takes a lot of time and patience.

I also learned that sharing my passion for baking is a big reason why I opened a bakery. Baking brings happiness. We can create something delicious to share and enjoy together.

These classes allowed kids to step inside a bakery and create and be proud. For four hours, baking brought them joy. They reveled in the process of rolling, measuring, and piping. Then they loaded their creations into bags and carried home to present to friends and family. I can just hear amazed people asking, “You made this?”

I hope the students smile from ear to ear, puff out their chest and declare, “Why Yes I did.”

Our hats off to everyone who took the classes! Great job and we hope to see you in our kitchen again soon!!